The ULO works by the push of a button from the ground or from ANYWHERE via local site Internet connection! Open or close bins from mobile devices, laptops or PCs. 



Meets IP Grade- IP65-total dust protection, water resistant
Eliminates climbing bins to open and close them.

Can be used when there are overhead obstructions, such as air systems, cross augers, portable augers, downspouts and conveyors. 




Weighs approx. 50 pounds and is made of aluminum and steel.



Built strong, sturdy and for all sizes and weights of lids. Load capacity of 200 pounds. 



Working to enable wireless communication to the ULO, including through your mobile device. 



Mounts to any location on bin ring. Can turn either direction. 



Programmable potentiometers. Fully adjustable mounting brackets. Easy to install. 



Enclosed to prevent dust and moisture. Saddle to protect lid when open. 



Improves grain quality: a person is more likely to open and close the bins more often with the convenience of the ULO, which gives the grain more aeration to keep it healthy. Grain quality is very important when figuring cost effectiveness for the ULO.