be safe. save time. don't climb.


The Universal Lid Opener is exactly what you need to make your day easier.


Our Universal Lid Opener's lift and rotate system eliminates the need to climb grain bins or other storage containers. Our system can be controlled by a physical switch mounted within reach from the ground or through your mobile device. Images above depict how the system operates.

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Components Overview


A lightweight, lift and rotate actuator

Our system is easy to install on new or existing bins and other bulk storage operations.  The actuator explosion-proof and can be configured to the desired lift height as well as the rotation direction.  In addition, the actuator is slim which provides clearance for grain spreaders or other bin accessories.  Mounting the entire system can be done from the top without entering the bin.

Universal lid bracket arms

The bracket arms can be broke down to support both large and small lids.  They can also be installed on any existing lids with simple mounting.  The system has been tested to handle at much as 200 pounds handling lids as large as 60 inches.  


ULO photograph.jpg

The saddle

The saddle is used to stabilize the lid while opened.  This holds the lid in place through strong winds and reduces stress on the mounted system.  Mounting the saddle is also simple since it uses pop rivets and neoprene washers to prevent leakage.  Pictured here is a prototype saddle, the production saddle will easily adjustable, light weight and easy to install.